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Play a Part and Donate to Support Our Mission

Te Raukura ki Kapiti performing arts centre. The main stage with people coming to look on

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
                                                                                                                 ― Maya Angelou

Thank you for supporting the Blended Artists Imaginarium Mission!
Every dollar donated helps us fulfill our mission and implement the building of our live theater. 

To donate online, click the Donate button below, and you will be redirected to PayPal for processing.


Make a difference, donate today!

With your generous donation, we will continue to perform amazing, innovative, and professional performances. Your support helps Blended Artists Imaginarium produce and stage the best performances in Hillsboro and the surrounding areas.


We cannot do it alone. Become a Blended Artists Imaginarium sponsor and know you have made a significant contribution not only to the arts but to the community as well! 

We are raising money to help continue our productions at the Grand Theatre in Hillsboro, IL  not only give the Blended Artists Imaginarium a permanent home for events but would also give our community so many other opportunities for entertainment and fostering the arts in our town.

There is potential for music concert performances, event nights, classes, corporate events, keynote speakers, TedTalks, and so much more! All while stimulating our local economy in the process.

We have a vision of Hillsboro becoming a hub for arts and entertainment, and in doing so giving our youth a place to be creative and building a community where they will want to stay, grow, and prosper. We believe that our programs would enable us to bring that vision to life.


Please help us support the future of entertainment in our town. We are looking toward our future. Through this fundraiser, we are looking to help fund the costs or labor and supplies, and equipment for the creation of the new live theater space. We are truly grateful for any donations during this trying time.

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