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Vision, Mission, and Goals


 "Providing opportunities to foster community engagement in the performing arts, while inspiring and developing future artists."


To create theatrical experiences that lift the spirit and deepen our understanding of the world while inspiring imagination, conversation, and hope.



Our goal is to create a theater for our current underserved population that provides live performances, entertainment, classes for adults and children, and addressing the needs of children on the Autism Spectrum. Overall, we will pull the community together to make it stronger and provide the value of performing arts. Doing so will help our community continue to flourish.

  • To explore the diversity

  • To develop a highly respected actor

  • To attract and cultivate highly skilled talent, in all areas of our company

  • To create opportunities for artists in Hillsboro, and surrounding areas

  • To consistently deliver high-quality productions

  • To engage the arts community through our programs

  • To build a loyal audience

  • To be a bridge for those wanting to perform professionally

  • To offer valuable educational resources for the artists in the Hillsboro community

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