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Smithsonian Highlights Hillsboro For Exhibit

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Blended Artists Imaginarium provided a helping hand in creating a short film to surprise the community of Hillsboro, Illinois. Check out the video below.

Many members of our team helped play a part to make this project a success.

  • Interviews Conducted by: Susan Collins

  • Music, Editing, & VFX: Michael Collins

  • Cinema Photography: Sarah Marley

  • Still Photography: Kaitlyn Jachino

  • Interviewees: Alex Miller, Chris Sherer, Terri Miller Casey, Susan Collins

The list above includes our members and is not a complete list of all participants in the production.

The Orpheum Theater was full of people excited to find out what the “big announcement” was and what it meant for the city of Hillsboro.

Featured article in The Journal News:

The Journal-News. 2021. Smithsonian Picks Hillsboro For Exhibit. [online] Available at: <,74347?> [Accessed 22 September 2021].

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