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Leadership Team

The people behind Blended Artists Imaginarium

Our inter-professional team is comprised of compassionate and dedicated individuals that have a genuine love for both performing arts and our community!

Group Picture of the Leadership Team at Blended Artists Imaginarium

Sam Hampton, President

Sam Hampton.jpg

Sam Hampton was born and raised in Litchfield, IL where he resided for more than 2 decades before moving to Colorado where he met his husband Colby. After spending a couple of years there they returned to Illinois eventually settling in Hillsboro. A 2008 graduate of Litchfield High School, Sam first got involved in theatre during his junior year for the production of Annie Get Your Gun. Since that first taste, it has been an insatiable need to help produce and promote theatre in and around his hometown. Always behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, but putting in 200% all the same. Ranging from assisting several different school districts, small community theatre groups, some DJ’ing, and 8 years with the long-running The Promise productions, Sam has finally landed where he aimed all along. Helping others to run a community-led theatre production group, and to build a live performance space for a small rural community.

Susan Collins, Treasurer


Susan Collins has been in the acting business for more than 25 years. She has worked in NYC, LA, and IL: acting for TV, film and theater, coaching, and public speaking. Her credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murder One, Profiler, Roseanne Barr Movie of the Week, Saved By the Bell, Saved By the Bell: The College Years, Murder She Wrote, and many others.

She has assisted with casting and has worked for two different management companies, submitting actors for auditions. Susan has been trained in many different acting approaches, from Method to cutting edge Hollywood techniques.

Six years ago, She decided to apply her skills and experience to help actors jump-start their careers. What Susan gives to new actors is what she wished she had when she started out: instant knowledge of how the industry works and a guiding hand.

As a coach, she has helped people find their voice, land jobs, and achieve their goals. She would like to help you do the same. Give her a call and discuss your ambition and needs. The initial 30-minute consultation is free.

Susan Collis

Cj Holman, Secretary


Christopher Jason (C. J.) Holman was born in Joliet Il. Moved to Hillsboro in 1977 as a wee lad. 1988 Hillsboro High School Alumnus not knowing what he could offer the world. . Joined the U.S. Army in 1994 trying to make the world safer. Auditioned for his first play in 1998 for Midsummer Nights Dream landing the role of Oberon while doing community theater in Vicenza, Italy. Involved with various other productions including The Pushcart War and a Christmas tribute to Irving Berlin. Moved back to the Hillsboro area in 2013. Having the hopes of opening a stage theater in the area. life put that on hold until the opportunity approached him and now is working on the difficult task with some amazing people to make it happen. Hoping to entertain and intrigue the community with many wonderful productions. 

Sarah Marley, Public Relations


Sarah Marley has worked in the marketing field for over 15 years gaining experience in Online Marketing, Content Management, and Social Media Management. As a seasoned PR manager, Sarah is passionate about advancing the opportunities for local adults and children to be able to express themselves through performing arts. In addition to P.R.

Sarah is also a proud Mama of three! She and her family can often be seen taking walks around Hillsboro together, laughing together, and going on many different adventures. She is also great at sharing her Netflix password and is a great addition to a party… just add wine! She looks forward to helping Blended Artists Imaginarium grow and become the creative outlet that is needed so desperately in the community of Hillsboro and the surrounding areas.

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