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Step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight.

The goal with all of our classes is for all participants to explore and have a deeper understanding of what makes you unique. We use educational tools and techniques that will make you step out of your comfort zone all while having fun, being creative, and expressing it all through the fabulous craft of acting. 


Every Thursday at 7pm

Adults Classes

Masters, Intermediate, Beginners: Developing the actor on and off stage. Building confidence, expanding the conversation, learning to listen not just to respond but to understand, public speaking and much more.


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Kids Classes

Similarly, to adults’ kids also learn the ins and outs of acting, which help develop confidence and lets the kids be heard, and to have a creative outlet to grow.

Image by Annie Spratt

Coming Soon!

"Acting on The Spectrum"

“Acting on the Spectrum” for kids who have autism (Helping them with social and  emotional issues have a clearer understanding fort the world around them)


Coming Soon!

Improv Classes

Think on your feet, take a risk, don’t take yourself so seriously, learn to pivot adapt and overcome. Yes, and! 

Taking Notes

Coming Soon!

Interview Skills

Helping individuals find meaningful employment opportunities by gaining the skills they need to be a success.

Image by Grahame Jenkins

Coming Soon!

Theater Tech Classes

The tech crew plays an intricate role in any production, they literally set the stage of the production, we teach them how and give those that don’t want the spotlight their own chance to shine

Actor Rehearsing on Stage

Coming Soon!

One on One

One-on-one coaching on the
craft of acting and auditions.

Giving a Speech

Coming Soon!

Public Speaking Classes

Classes: A class for everyone! Personal or professionally at some point in your life you will have to speak in public. We teach you ways to improve your communication, boost confidence, and expand!

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